Lankford Cape Clear Island Museum Archive / Cartlann Chléire

The table below is a listing of categories of data being complied for inclusion in the Cape Clear archive. The archive material will not be available for consultation until September 2019.


2.Awards, Competitions, and Grants

  • (3A) Baltimore
  • (3B) Schull
  • (3C) Other Areas

4. Cape Clear Genealogies and Family Trees

5.Cape Clear Epidemic, Famine and distress/Health Matters

  • (6A) Formation/ Subsequent Development
  • (6B) The Museum Building, Plans and Exhibition Development, 1981-
  • (6C) Correspondence
  • (6D & 6E) Archive Museum Matters & Island Heritage
  • (6F) Copyright matters and loan agreements
  • (6G) Artifacts - description and use
  • (6H) A listing of donated artifacts
  • (6J) Press Releases, Book reviews, Radio and TV programme details
  • (6K) Conversation/ Incident Reporting

7. Chuck Kruger - Writer, Poet, Broadcaster

8. Court Cases - past and present

  • (9A) Gallery Head to Castletownbere
  • (9B) Gallery Head to Youghal


  • (10A) "Saoirse" - Round the world trip (1923 - 1925)
  • (10B) "Ilen" - Baltimore to the Falkland Islands (1923 - 1926)
  • (10C) Sailing Matters
  • (10D) Antarctic and Other Expeditions
  • (11A) Tourism
  • (11B) Economic Developments
  • 12. Irish Work Camp Movement/ Campaí Oibre Projects

    • (13A) Farming and Land Ownership
    • (13B) Landowners/ House Occupancy
    14. Festivals and Island Events/ Event Listing & Docs./ Media Coverage

    15. Fishing Matters, past and present

    • (16A) An Ghaeilge
    • (16B) Gaeltacht Matters
  • (17A) Ferry - History of the Service
  • (17B) Island Boats
  • 18. Lifeboat (RNLI) and Coastguard

  • (19A) Harbours
  • (19B) Pilots
  • (19C) Correspondence/ Maritime Matters
  • (19D) Smuggling
  • 20. Flora and Fauna (See also Ring Binder Collection List no. 48)

    • (21A) Religious Figures and Events
    • (21B) Rev. O'Halloran, of Co. Kilkenny, Curate at Cape Clear
    • (21C) Rev. Charles Davis, P.P Rath & the Islands
    • (21D) Religious Artifacts, description & use
    • (21E) Donnchadh Ó Floinn, Ollamh, Scríobhneoir, Scoláire
    • (21F) Notes re-priest who served on Cape Clear, Mass Booklets, Pamphlets.
    • (21G) Island and Coast Society Mission at Cape Clear Island - (1846 - 1880)
    22. Education/ Hedge Schools, Primary Schools, Island and Coast Society School, List of Teachers

  • (23A) Signal Towers, at Cape Clear and coastal areas
  • (23B) Martello Towers, Bere Island and around Ireland
  • (23C) Telegraphs, 1860's
  • (23D) Telephones, 1940's
  • (23E) Telecommunications history
  • 24. Visitors/ Impressions of the island

  • (23A) Signal Towers, at Cape Clear and coastal areas
  • (23B) Martello Towers, Bere Island and around Ireland
  • (23C) Telegraphs, 1860's
  • (23D) Telephones, 1940's
  • (23E) Telecommunications history

  • 26. O Driscolls Worldwide - Clan Gathering (1986 -), Exhibitions, International O Driscoll Memorial Archived & O Driscoll Remembrance Ceremony
    27. Fastnet and other Lighthouses: Cape Clear and Fastnet Lighthouses; other Lighthouses

    • (28A) History of The Fastnet Race (1925-)
    • (28B) Media Accounts of the 1979 Fastnet Race Tragedy
    • (28C) Remembrance Ceremony off Cape Clear 2004 organized by Cape Clear Museum/ 1979 Fastnet Race Exhibition at Cape Clear Museum
    • (28D) Fastnet Race Accounts by participants in the Fastnet Race
  • (29A) Island Plans and Development
  • (29B) Heir Island
  • (29C) Sherkin Island
  • (29D) Bere Island & Beara Area
  • (29E) Whiddy Island (See also Placename Collections for all West Cork Islands No. 39)
  • 30. Cape Clear Australia/ Canada/ Correspondence/ Brochures

    31. Cork people at home and abroad/ Cork Association of New York/ James J. O Driscoll of Cape Clear and other Cork people associated with Cape Clear and the islands

    • (32A) St. Piran - St. Ciarán Pilgrimage 2000
    • (32B) Correspondence relating to Cape Clear & Cornish contacts
    • (32C) Ciarán; Cléire, 2000 Exhibition and pilgrimage organized by Cape Clear Museum
    33. Cape Clear Pamphlets/ Newspapers/ Flyers

    34. Cape Clear Islanders/ articles about individuals

    35. Donnchadh Shéamuis Ó Drisceoil - Saothair (See also Bound Vol. Collection List No. 48)

    36. Press Cuttings/ Reviews of Books/ Island Life (See also Bound Vol. Collection List No. 48)

    37. Béaloideas/ Folklore/ Poetry/ Lists of Story Tellers, Recordings/ Sources/ Publications

    39. Baltimore Industrial Fishery School, Articles, Media Reports. See also No. 50 Exhibition doc.40. Boats and Shipbuilding on Cork Coast

    41. Cape Clear Co-op/ Comhardchumann Chleé/ Planning/ Projects/ News & Media/ Events

    42. Island Geology - Cape Clear (See also No. 51 Notes on Geology Exhibition)

    43. Birth Rate Analysis/ Population

    44. Island Historical Sources/ Listing of docs., articles, publications/ Original & Photocopies

    45. A Topographical Survey of Cape Clear Island by Marian Naughton, Peter Buckley and Éamon Lankford

    46. Case Study of Aspects of Island Life conducted by various people

    • (47A) Cape Clear Island Census Returns
    • (47B) Census of Population
    • See also Bound Volume Collection No. 48 for 1901 & 1911 Census data
    48. Bound Volume Collections/ A listing of all Bound Vol. in archive along with a listing of the contents of each Vol. (A copy of many of the Cape Clear Archive Bound Vols. are about Cork County Library local studies unit)

    49. Maps and Plans of Cape Clear and islands

    50. Exhibition Collections

    51. Gravestone Inscriptions Cape Clear/ Index listing of docs. for each of 18 different Exhibition Themes presented in Ring Binders

    52. Cape Clear Photo Collection Binders

    53. Audio/ Visual

    54. Cape Clear Books and Booklets