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Naomh Ciaran: Pilgrim Islander

It is generally accepted that St Ciarán was born in Cape Clear Island (Cléire), Co. Cork, Ireland. His memory is revered there and in Seir Kieran, Co. Offaly, while Cornish people honour him as St Piran of Peranzabuloe. In recent times the Parish Council at Peranzabuloe has launched the St Piran project to bring about the restoration of St. Piran's Oratory at St. Piran's in the Sands which has close associations with St. Kieran of Seir and Diocese of Ossory in Ireland. This pilgrim islandman traveled from Cape Clear to Rome and served the early Christian communities of Munster and part of Leinster as well as ministering in Italy, Brittany, Scotland, Wales and Kernow (Cornwall). The Kernow-Seir Kieran Pilgrimage to Cape Clear and Seir Kieran in the Year 2000 was a fitting occasion to present the story of Naomh Ciaran: Pilgrim Islander


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