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O Driscolls: Past and Present


O Driscolls:Past and Present (2005) looks at the early history of the O Driscoll Clan who have their roots in Corcu Lóegde, now known as Carbery, in West Cork, Ireland. The tale of centuries of missionary activity stretching back to early christian times, heroism, piracy, feuding and open warfare as well as the intrigue, treachery, land grabbing and the adventures from the sixteenth century to the present of some people named O Driscoll are presented in this 193 page beautifully illustrated book. Photographs of castles, people and places, maps and genealogical charts compliment chapters dealing with the following aspects of O Driscoll heritage. 1. The O'Driscoll and Corcu Loegde 7. The Twentieth Century 2. Churchmen, Merchants And Mariners 8. Maritime O Driscolls 3. Finghin The Rover 9. Cape Clear Islanders Named O Drisceoil 4. Clearing The Land And Scattering The Family 10. The O Driscoll' Title 5. Baltimore 11. O Driscoll Castles 6. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Notables 12. The O Driscoll Disapora


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